Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I desex my pet?

Desexing your pet not only prevents unwanted pregnancies, but it greatly decreases the risk of serious - and sometimes life-threatening - diseases, and helps curb undesirable behaviours.
Unless you are planning on using your pet for breeding, we strongly recommend desexing.

How often should I bring my pet in?

Dogs and cats should have a vaccine and check up once each year. If your pet is healthy, this may be frequent enough for them to be checked, however, if your pet is showing any signs of illness or injury, we always recommend bringing them in to be seen by a vet.

Do you do pet grooming?

We do not groom dogs, and the only cat grooming we offer is an all over shave under sedation (usually in long haired cats for summer).

My pet has gone missing. What do I do?

If your pet has gone missing, we recommend doing the following:

  • Contact all local vets in the area to report your pet missing. Ensure you give your pet's breed, sex, colour, age, any identifying features, if they are wearing a collar, and if they are microchipped.

  • Contact the Brisbane City Council to list your pet as missing.

  • Post an ad on the Lost Pet Register Facebook page for the area your pet has gone missing from: Brisbane North, Brisbane South, Redlands, Sunshine Coast.

  • Check that your pet's microchip details are correct and up to date - see below for more information on microchips.

How do I update my pet's microchip details?

If you know the registry your pet's microchip was registered through, follow the links through their website to update your details (you may need to make an account first).

If you don't know which registry your pet is registered with, go to Pet Address and enter the microchip number. Pet Address will find the registry and show you a link to their website.

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