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Our aim is to continue to be able to provide the highest levels of care to our patients. In order to do that we are taking these steps to protect you and our team.

How we can help you today:

Initial Assessment

Upon arrival please STOP at the front door and call us to speak with our team.

Either DROP your pet with our team who will take your pet through to be assessed or you will be called in to the consultation room and asked to take a seat away from staff members. 

You may be asked to return to your car to WAIT whilst we assess your pet. We'll call you to discuss your pet's situation and next steps.

Our veterinary team will call you when they are ready to consult with you.

Depending on your pet's risk factors we will do this either in person or over the phone at our discretion. When performing the consult in person, there will be a maximum limit of one client only in the consult room.

When your pet is ready to go home, our team will meet you at the front door. Discharge instructions will be given by phone and email.

Why are we taking these precautions?

These safety measures are in place to ensure we stay open and are in a position to provide care for you and your pets during these extraordinary times.

We ask that you follow government recommendations and if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms please stay at home and organise someone else to bring your pet in to us.

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding – we are here to work with you to provide care for your pet when you need us most.


Services We Provide


Consultations 7 days a week

Whether it's routine vaccinations and check-ups, or if your furry friend is feeling unwell, our experienced vets and nurses are happy to help!
With in house x-rays and same day pathology available, we will ensure your pet is taken care of as quickly and professionally as possible!


Emergency, Routine & Preventative

Booking your pet in for surgery can be a daunting thing to do, but rest assured your best friend is in good hands here with our loving team of vets and nurses. 
We do routine surgeries Monday to Friday, and should your pet ever need it, we can do emergency surgeries outside of these times.


Saturdays 9am - 11:30am

On Saturdays we offer hydrobaths to all our 4 (and sometimes 3) legged friends for just $8.50! No need to book ahead; just come on down and let us wash your furry friend with our new hydrobath.
We have various shampoos available so we can cater to all types of skin needs!

Pet Dental Care Services

The First Line of Defense

Even when your pet is healthy, Pet Dental Care Services are an important part of keeping them in the best possible condition. Contact us to learn more about our services and how you can contribute to your animal’s optimal health.

Pet Wellness Exams

Proactive and Positive

As caring owners, you want the very best for your pet. That’s why we encourage you to schedule regular Pet Wellness Exams. By seeking to prevent problems before they arise, you’re ensuring your pet extended health and happiness.



"Lovely staff and very reasonable prices. Especially for dog teeth cleaning. I called 8 different vets for quotes for teeth cleaning and these guys were literally thousands of dollars cheaper. We will be regulars now. Thank you for a great friendly and affordable service."

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm
Sat: 8am - 12pm
Sun : Closed

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